CTSA Volleyball All Stars Announcement!

CTSA’s  Volleyball league is now well underway, and with the season halfway done, it’s almost time for…THE ALL STAR GAME!

The All-Star game is taking place on February 1st, from 7-9:30pm at Henry Hudson Public School. The North Team will compete against the East Team. The league will be choosing the two captains for the North and the East Team. There are 18 players who are voted in by all current players in the league. Congratulations to every player chosen to represent not only themselves, but their team in the All Star break!

All Star Team Results:


(1) Gnaniguruparan – 37 votes
(2) Tee Ess – 32 votes
(3) Dilo – 27 votes
(4) Roshan
(5) Christon
(6) Rezanth
(7) Umaesh
(8) Siva
(9) Seran
(10) Delton
(11) Karan
(12) Jashi


(1) Vinusa – 27 votes
(2) Pransiya – 26 votes
(3) KC – 22 votes
(4) Kasthuri
(5) Milani
(6) Tharchini

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