S.P Tamilselvan and Anton Balasingam Anna’s Memorial Cup Winners!

Toronto, ON – On January 2nd, 2017, Canadian Tamils Sports Association held their very first tournament of the year at the MLS Dome in memory of S.P Tamilselvan and Anton Balasingam Anna. Individuals of all ages came together to battle it out on the field and get their hands on the very first championship cup of the year. Although the competition was tough, we’d like to congratulate the following champions of each age group:

Under 6: Jarvis S.C Blue

Under 8: Theepan S.C

Under 10: Jarvis S.C Blue

Under 12: Jarvis S.C Blue

Under 14: Theepan S.C

Mens’: Jarvis S.C A 

We are eternally grateful for Brigadier S.P. Thamilchelvan Anna, the former political head of the Liberation Tigers of Tamileelam and Anton Balasingam Anna, chief negotiator, diplomat and journalist who worked hard to raise awareness about our Eelam Tamil struggle. Let us take strength from their courage and inspiration from their lives, and continue to do our part in this struggle for freedom. 

Full Tournament Standings:

Age Group Champion Runner Up
Under 6 Jarvis Blue Balachandran S.C
Under 8 Theepan S.C Jarvis Blue
Under 10 Jarvis Blue Jarvis Yellow
Under 12 Jarvis Blue Jarvis Yellow
Under 14 Theepan S.C Balachandran S.C
Mens’ Jarvis A Eleven Stars

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