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The Canadian Tamil Sports Association (CTSA) is a non- profit, volunteer driven, registered organization. For over 10 years the CTSA has been providing recreation and sport programs in Greater Toronto and it’s surrounding areas. The programs have grown and expanded over the years; changing to meet the demands of the community and satisfy the sport fanatics out there. The CTSA is a pround member of the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA) and the Ontario Track and Field Association (OTFA) since 2009.

The CTSA also acts as an umberella organization for Soccer, Track and Field, Volleyball, Badminton, Netball (for women), and Basket ball. There is a program for everyone! Some programs are recreational for those just out for some exercise, socializing and FUN! While other programs provide some additional competition and coaching for the more serious athletes. Our programs run throughout the whole year.

More than 20 professional athletic clubs with over 2000 athletics are a part of the Canadian Tamil Sports Association. Over the years, many elite athletes have developed from our programs and have distinguished themselves in national and international competitions. We have also trained more than 50 certified soccer level 3 to 1 referres as well as over 25 certified soccer, Track and Field, and Netball coaches.

Mission Statement

The Canadian Tamil Sports Association (CTSA) is an organization dedicated to enhancing the social, physical health of youth and adults through adapted recreational and sporting activities.


To provide recreational and sporting opportunities for the youth across the province of Ontario. To develop long lasting partnerships with organizations and communities that will increase awareness, opportunities and the quality of life for persons and families living in our community.

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